DEC 3000-600

From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Wed Mar 27 16:06:23 2002

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> I know I made out with a steal - he had no idea what it was :)

> What kind of OS's are available besides NetBSD or Linux... Is there a
> version of VMS or Ultrix that'll work? Also, I didn't get a

This is the TurboChannel Alpha, right? Last I heard, NetBSD
didn't support TurboChannel -- or was that Linux, but it's been
a while.

Ultrix? No, but you can run Digital Unix on it, or OSF/1, or
whatever its name is today.

Of course, I could be mistaken, but I believe VMS is supposed to
run very well on these. In fact, if I had one, that's what I'd do.

> keyboard with
> it and didn't see one there. What kind of keyboard does it
> use, and can I
> use a serial terminal instead?

It will either be a "normal" peesee keyboard plug, (wouldn't use
anything but a real DEC keyboard, though), or it will be a "normal"
DEC keyboard (like for the vt320, etc). Being an Alpha, it's more
likely the former, but that's an early Alpha, so check the shape of
the plug before you plug the keyboard in ;)

... and of course you can use a serial terminal. (Might, or might
not require removing the framebuffer -- it did on some older VAXen.)

Try just plugging the terminal into what looks like the first serial
port, and you'll probably be pleasantly surprised.


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