DEC 3000-600

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Wed Mar 27 16:33:30 2002

> wrote:
>Subject: DEC 3000-600
>framebuffer card with a 3W3 on it, CDROM, 128M of RAM, KN17 CPU.
Is the
>RZ26 a 1G drive? And how clock speed is the proc?

        RZ26 is indeed 1GB SCSI.

        The DEC 3000-600 is a 175MHz EV4.
        Memory from 32MB to 512MB.
        Turbochannel. 114 specint 92.

>What kind of OS's are available besides NetBSD or Linux...

        Does Linux support TURBOchannel?
        I presume NetBSD does ... but I know
        at least one of the free OSes does not.

> Is there a
>version of VMS or Ultrix that'll work?

        OpenVMS Alpha, yes from V1.5-1H1
        onwards (i.e. almost any version you
        happen to have).

        Ultrix never ran on these birds.

        Digital Unix (now known as Tru64
        but probably in the middle of another
        name transition) did support them
        but I have a feeling that support
        was dropped in the most recent version.
        And in this case they actually pulled
        the support code, so it absolutely
        will not work.

>Also, I didn't get a keyboard with
>it and didn't see one there. What
>kind of keyboard does it use, and can I
>use a serial terminal instead?

        I guess a PC keyboard (LK451 or such???)
        but I don't have any docs to hand. Almost
        all of these boxes will work with a serial
        console ... plug in and type
                set console serial
        (otherwise it switches to the
        graphical console partway through
        the boot and if all you have is
        serial yo uthink it's died on you!!)

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