QL-Quality (Was: ZX-81 Question)

From: Adrian Vickers <avickers_at_solutionengineers.com>
Date: Wed Mar 27 19:01:20 2002

At 21:15 27/03/2002, you wrote:

> > >Right, but you could manufacture your own - using regular music
> > >cassette tape of acceptrable quality did work quite well.
> >
> > Never tried that... OTOH, in 18 years of QL ownership, I've only ever had
> > one single cartridge jam.
>You were very lucky. I had several jam in the first _month_. And no, I
>wasn't doing stupid things with them, unless inserting them in
>microdrives is considered stupid.

Conversely, perhaps you were very *unlucky*?

Like I say, I've got 5 QLs here (spanning a few years of production), over
200 mdv carts, and only one jam (and that was 14 years ago, or thereabouts).

Cheers, Ade.
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