Apple IIe w/ALS Z-card

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Wed Mar 27 21:37:27 2002

I think at the last auction I may have got 4 or 5 Superserial cards
dumped in with a box electrical items. None were in a apple box just
loose in this big box of stuff. Untested you can have one for $1 plus
shipping if that's what I have.
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Subject: Apple IIe w/ALS Z-card

> I picked up one of these today from Purdue Salvage. Anyone have any
> useful software for it? I might be willing to sell it if anyone's
> interested. I was kinda disappointed... out of 6 or so Apple IIe's
> got in, not one had an expansion card besides DiskII, the Z-Card and a
> printer interface. Still looking for a SuperSerial card so I can copy
> data to it (and a copy of Disk Tools on 5-1/5" floppies for it)
> -- Pat
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