DEC 3000-600

From: Doc <>
Date: Thu Mar 28 00:16:27 2002

On Thu, 28 Mar 2002 wrote:

> Well, it has Digital Unix 3.2 on it, so I'm considering installing VMS
> onto it. This thing runs pretty nice, I'm not sure if I rather have VMS
> on *nix on it... If I do get VMS running on it, I might be wanting to get
> rid of my VAXstation 3200 though. Hmm.

  Digital Unix is pretty spiffy for its day. Definitely get a bootable
backup before you whack it. My DEC 2000 150axp had an early copy of
OSF/1 when I got it, and I still wish I had done a backup before I
hammered it.

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