UNIBUS Mystery Board ID

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Thu Mar 28 13:16:54 2002

>This hex-width board was found sitting in a UNIBUS backplane. It looks like
>it may have more than two PCB layers. The metal handle, where the board
>number is usually stamped, is unmarked; no board number is stamped there. On
>the front side, top left, is "AD413A MADE IN USA". The top middle had the
>"200415-03" handwritten on it, but that has been crossed out by a marker,
>and "200850-02" appears beneath it. The top right has "S/N 5781"
>handwritten. There are two 50-pin BERG (maybe formatted Pertec) connectors
>at the front top. On the back of the board, at the top right, is "MRX42
>200255-02", machine printed. A little to the left of that is "3183",
>Google has returned nothing. What have I here?

Just a major WAG, but since it says AD413A in one spot it could be an
"Analog to Digital Converter". Though two 50-pin connectors seem an awful
lot for that.

When you say 50-pin the first thing that comes to mind is SCSI, HOWEVER, I
think it's safe to say it's not that based on the chips. There is
something else that uses 50-pin connectors, but I'm to tired to remember.

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