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From: Andreas Freiherr <>
Date: Thu Mar 28 13:33:58 2002

Ahem, ...

Paul Thompson wrote:
> There is a utility called persona that will work on recent versions of
> VMS which effectively works like su. You would need to install it with
> priv's in order not to be running those priv's needed to run it in your
> usual account.

Not too much of a concern for private use, but be careful if doing so in
a sensitive environment: this can open a BIG security hole!

This utility were far better off if it would ask for a password and
compare to the SYSUAF before letting you become SYSTEM, as the
originally asked-for "su -" would do, too.

> LINK PERSONA.MAR (LINK/SYSEXE on alpha, as I recall)

(from another post:)

> > >LINK PERSONA.MAR (LINK/SYSEXE on alpha, as I recall)

Or simply


After all, that's what default file types were invented for! ;-)

The PERSONA system services appeared in VMS V6.2, so this is the minimum
version for this utility to work.

Andreas Freiherr
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