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Date: Thu Mar 28 14:38:35 2002

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> My wife and kids are gonna kill me. We're staying at the Sheraton Four
> Points right near LAX because it's so close to Manhattan Beach. We're
> already planning do hit some Manhattan Beach yard sales on Saturday, so
> this'll be perfect. For me anyway... :-)

I used to live in Manhattan Beach! It's a beautiful place, with beautiful
Women, er, I mean people. If you should find yourself on Highland Ave. at
lunch time, I highly recommend eating at the Annex Deli. They have the
best sandwiches that you will ever find, anywhere. If you see Skip (the
owner,) tell him that Ernest said hello. It's been a while but he might
still remember me since I worked there as a kid. He also dated my Sister,
which accounted for several fat raises in my modest pay check. Hehe.

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