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From: Andrew Barnes <>
Date: Thu Mar 28 16:08:21 2002

Hey, been asked to sort out my folks laptop, so I know nothing of its
past etc.
I noted your thread and thought this maybe interesting,
Their email address keeps getting mail from the "mail demon" notifying
them that their mail (that they did not send) was not delivered to the
address because it contains something that could be a virus.
The mail does point out that the virus attached is called
"sm3song.mp3.scr", but the fun doesn't stop there, however easy it may
seem from this point doesn't cut it.
As I said they get dozens of these mail, and each one says a different
Humour.mp3.scr, hamster.mp3.scr, sm3song.mp3.scr... the most frequently
used one is sm3song.mp3.scr.
The email account, by the way they use outlook express :-(, is set up
for two different email accounts, the one a simple POP3 account through
freeserve, and the other (that I don't understand) through something
called freezone, where their website for my mums business is hosted, and
also works as a server for her mail.
Going back to the mail demon messages; they only represent addresses
(from her contact list) who have sent her mail through the freezone
account that she has not yet replied to.
If any of this seems to be familiar to anyone please email me at
I thought maybe the virus is on the freezone server as apposed to the
laptop, also note, the virus does not seem to be doing anything
destructive, nor does it show when I do a complete scan of the hard
drives using the latest versions of PC cillin antivirus.
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