UCSD P-System & "compile once, run anywhere"

From: Douglas H. Quebbeman <dougq_at_iglou.com>
Date: Fri Mar 29 10:48:18 2002

> A friend was claiming that with the UCSD P-System, one could "compile
> and then "run anywhere" (where "anywhere" means different kinds of
> computers running the P-System, not different instances of
> the same computer).
> Was this true?

I've never seen it contradicted.

> Did users commonly compile on system A and then take the P-Code to
> system B and run it successfully?

It wasn't likely common.

> I'd have thought that media incompatibility would have tended to
> limit this capability.

Serial ports and modems would more or less get around this problem.

> Was any commerical P-System software sold that was a single binary,
> but the vendor expected the user to be able to install/run it on
> any brand/model of P-System? (Or, did vendors have to produce a version
> for every platform?)

The Smalltalk-80 System also used an interpreter, called the bytecode
interpreter, and it was in fact common to take an application compiled
on, say, a Xerox Dorado and run it on a Xerox Magnolia, or even a
Tektronix box. I've seen references recently to an Alto version of
Smalltalk-80 2.2, so the apps crafted at XSIS (Xerox Special Information
Systems) like The Analyst(tm), might have been worked out on Altos
then run at the The Company on Magnolias.


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