Osborne Floppy Drives

From: Rich Beaudry <r_beaudry_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Fri Mar 29 19:15:57 2002

>>Before you scrap them?
>>I'm looking for some old 5.25" drives to bring back a couple of Osborne 1s
>>to dual drive status.
>Be advised that the Osborne drives are not directly interchangeable with
>`normal' 5.25" drives. The ribbon cable to the card edge carries drive
>power as well as signals and is wired differently. You will need to
>conjure an adapter to use normal ones.

I have an Osborne 1 that has had dead video for a while. Since it is a
spare anyway, I would be willing to disassemble the drives, and send them to
the original poster (Erik, I think?). I'd also try to save any cables,
connectors, screws, etc.

One caveat... this O1 has had dead video since I got it, so I have never
fully tested out the floppies... I suppose at some point I could have
swapped them into a working O1, but I never had the time....

If the original poster could email me off-list, we can exchange shipping
information. I will not charge for the drives, but because they're not
light, I'd appreciate reimbursement for shipping....


Rich B.

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