The Future End of Classic Computing

From: Owen Robertson <>
Date: Fri Mar 29 21:30:51 2002

on 3/29/02 9:12 PM, Doc at wrote:

> If we don't all voice our opinions and share our *rational*,
> *educated* viewpoint with these people, this bill could very well become
> law. WRITE your representatives. EMAIL them. CALL them. Be nice. Be
> reasonable. State your qualifications as well as your concerns. Speak
> as an ally, not an enemy. BUT SPEAK!!!!

I agree. We should ALL express our feelings about this to our
representatives. Thankfully, the US is still a country where we have the
right to voice our opinions. So voice them!

Yes, I suppose it *could* dissapear. But let's not assume that it will, and
leave it up to chance. We should consider ourselves lucky that we have a
chance to oppose this.

But PLEASE, be mature about it, or the effort could backfire.

Owen Robertson
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