"New" PDP-8

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Date: Sat Mar 30 13:16:20 2002


Many years ago I did the TU58 emulator that Bob designed.
An excellent and useful tool.

FYI: I also ahve a 6100 (intersil board with mods) and a 6120
based design. The old PDP-8 instruction set is most interesting
and loads of fun to write code with.


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Subject: "New" PDP-8

>I just completed the very nasty job of downloading the
>operating system and a few BASIC programs to my "new"
>PDP8, which is built from Robert Armstrong's design.
>It only draws about 5 watts, so it isn't a problem to
>keep on all the time, unlike others that people on
>this list might own!
>I made a comment to Mr.Armstrong that I removed the
>IBM logo from the drive because I didn't think it
>would work correctly with a DEC design. Strangely,
>this actually came true to a degree; I had a slow PPI
>chip that didn't get data from the drive quickly
>enough. I tried to save a dollar buying an 82C55
>instead of an 82C55-5.
>Pics, if interested, are at:
>I wrote up this web page as a brief synopsis of
>material I found on the Internet; some may be true and
>some may not be true. I would appreciate comments,
>etc., from the experts.
>I would also appeciate any pointers to interesting
>software, especially large BASIC programs, disk based
>FOCAL (if this exists?), and so on.
>The logos on the case look OK, but if anyone a broken
>piece of case with a Digital or PDP8 logo on it, I'd
>really like to have it.
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