Looking for SIMMs for PS/2 P70 386

From: Oliver Williams <ojw_at_dircon.co.uk>
Date: Sun Sep 1 06:09:01 2002

Hi Bob - no SIMMs I'm afraid but I do have a P70 Quick Reference,
Reference Diskette and the original boxed version of DOS (v4.00 with
diskettes and manuals - pretty much mint condition). If this is any use
to you I'd be happy to ship it over to you for postage cost only
(although I am in the UK).
[I haven't seen my own P70 since I left it in a hotel room in Moscow in
1993.... Who knows what it's doing now....]

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Subject: Looking for SIMMs for PS/2 P70 386

Thanks to the local college boyz, I now have a slightly misused P70 to
play on. The previous owner was kind enough to break off the retaining
clips when he pulled the memory, but other than that it seems to be
usable. Booting without any memory elicts a `211' error early in the
POST, and booting with one or more of 8MB (IIRC) SIMMS gives a 225
error. I did a little research, and it seems that the max SIMM it'll
take is a 2MB parity part, I know don't have any of those. Anyone
happen to have a spare 8MB kit? Also, I'm looking for the S/370 card
for it, if anyone has an extra they'd like to get rid of. ^_^

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