OT: dumpster dive and water/mold cleanup

From: Chris <mythtech_at_mac.com>
Date: Tue Sep 3 23:54:00 2002

>I think some of the 78s I got went to a Victrola at one time. I know there
>was a Victrola over there that went to a family member, but I don't think
>any records went with it. I guess that dates those 78s even older than I
>thought they were. I had also noticed a couple had minor chips in their
>edges, and thinking about it now, they very well might be ceramic. I
>noticed an almost glass or sand-like appearance to the chipped spots.

If you don't have a use for those, and want to part with them REAL cheap,
I might be interested in taking some of them off your hands. Not that I
am a collector of these things, but a variety of records to play on my
Victrola would be nice (I only have about 20 right now, and most of those
I am afraid to actually play... not to mention I only have a few new
needles left, so until I can figure out a safe replacement, or a safe way
to sharpen old needles, I don't really use the thing at all except to
show it off to people once in a while... my 1950's Rockola juke box gets
the bulk of the entertainment use, but that uses off the shelf record
needles, and standard 45's, so its much safer to play away with)

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