Digitizing vinyl records.

From: Voyager <voyager_at_hol.gr>
Date: Sun Sep 8 15:32:00 2002

I think that the article is wrong in the consept of modulation. I recall
that the stereo is modulated not in depth and with but on each side of the
track. So he should be wrong on the demodulation itself, missing the channel
splitting. I guess he could hear something like (Left+Right)*cos (x) and
not the proper left or right channel.

Anyway, I would be glad to send over some old stuff to see what he can do
about them ;-)

> > Here's an interesting application of technology. This fellow claims to
> > have used a flatbed scanner to make images of records and has written
> > some software to decode the music from those images.
> >
> > http://www.cs.huji.ac.il/~springer/
> >
> > Obviously the resulting sound quality is a bit crude, but it's an
> > interesting hack.
> Crude yes but pretty cool too. It amazes me what some people will do with
> their spare time. Next thing you know, he'll start trying to fix some
> old computer just because he thought it might be fun.
> E.
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