Obsolecence (Was RE: OT: PC Motherboard with a vacuum tube)

From: Antonio Carlini <Antonio.Carlini_at_riverstonenet.com>
Date: Mon Sep 9 08:54:01 2002

> In fact, the *only* disadvantage that DVD has as a medium is that unlike
>VHS, it's not readily recordable.

If I were a rental shop I'd see this as a bonus too :-)

> If I were a video rental store, I'd be dumping miserable VHS cassettes as
>fast as I could. Let the antique shops rent them. The DVD market now
>represents a rather large percentage of the rental market, since a
>reasonable DVD player is as cheap as a mid-range VHS deck.

True. The lack of VHS cassettes for rental does not mean
that you cannot keep playing the ones you have at home however.
So I don't see this as making the VCR + tapes obsolete.
(In the UK, the VHS=>DVD move has not yet happened - there
are plenty of people with VCR and no DVD player). If I were
so inclined, I suspect that I could stock up on enough spare
VCRs and tapes to last me as long as I am likely to watch them.

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