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Date: Thu Sep 12 22:26:20 2002

At 06:18 PM 9/12/02 -0700, you wrote:
>>>> I have a 4951. It uses the same tapes as the HP-85, HP 9825, etc.
>>>> IIRC
>>>> they're DC-100 tapes and you can use the same (40MB?) tapes that were
>>>> used in PCs.
>>>Really? Didn't know the PC tapes would work in the older drives.
>>>Given that the storage capacity of a DECtape and an old PC backup tape
>>>are so wildly different, I didn't assume the media was compatible even
>>>if the shell would fit in the drive.
>> You have to reformat them but yes, the OLD PC tapes work fine in the
>> HPs.
>I'd be somewhat surprised. I thought there were some mechanical
>differences between DC100 cartridges (HP and DEC) and DC2000 cartridges
>(40 MB & up, found on PCs and Macs in the 80s).

   There are differences between the DC 100 and DC 2000 tapes. That why I said to get the ***OLD*** 40Mb tapes such as used by the IRWIN tape drives. They are DC-100. A couple of years ago you could find loads of them surplus but now most of what I find are DC 2000 tapes. The most obvious difference is the width of the tape and the thickness of the plastic cartridge.

>>>> You can also reformat and use DECTapes.
>>>Right. That's what my boss used to do. I have plenty of
>>>4951-formatted DECtapes to last me a while (5-10, IIRC).
>> Just be carefull who you tell about that. The DECheads get real
>> sensative to anybody putting DEc stuff to REAL work. :-)
>I've got quite a few reels of DECtape, and I can't imagine how you
>could possibly jam them into a cartridge tape slot, nor how they could
>be expected to do anything useful if you di.
>Presumably the tapes in question are TU58 tapes, which are unfortunately
>known as "DECtape II".

    You're probably right. I have used any of them in several years.
>Anyhow, the big problem with reformatting them for use on other systems
>is that there is no known way to format them back into TU58 tapes if
>you ever need any. :-(

    Did anyone ever tell you that a tape in the hand is worth two in the bush? :-)

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