Who was looking for old VMS for an 11/750??

From: Brian Hechinger <wonko_at_4amlunch.net>
Date: Sun Sep 15 01:53:00 2002

On Sat, Sep 14, 2002 at 10:24:43PM -0600, Will Jennings wrote:
> Umm looks like a twist-lock connector... *sniff* tastes like a twist-lock
> connector... *lick* mmm tastes like a twist-lock connector...

and three-phase doesn't use twist-lock? ;)

> "Hey mom, um a
> VAX is FAR more usefull than a dryer! OK? OK!" Nope no three-phase here :

if only i didn't share my dryer with my neighbors. i certainly don't have any
problem going to the laundrymat. ;)

although it's really just a matter of me being lazy. i *could* get the /750
running again, all i need to do is run some wire. but that is way low on the
priority list.

luckily however, the pdp-11/70 is higher on the priority list, and to makes
things easier it only needs 110V. ;) (although BOY does that MK11 draw some

> ).. Also, the main difference between the "normal" VMS and 11/750 VMS is
> that generally speaking, it would be difficult to put the CDs in the
> TU-58... 11/750 VMS distros generally were at at least some portion
> TU58-based.

there is nothing says you can't install VMS on a /750 from an INFOSERVER.

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