Imlac assembler almost ready...

From: Ben Franchuk <>
Date: Sun Sep 15 13:40:00 2002

Sellam Ismail wrote:

> The field of computing was much different in the 1970s than it is today.
> We don't take for granted the fact that next month the chip manufacturers
> will squeeze another couple hundred megahertz of performance out of the
> latest whiz bang CPU. Computers were built to last for a long time
> because they had to. A $1,000 computer investment in the 70s was
> considerably more money than it is today, and that probably bought you a
> dumb terminal.

The big increase in speed was do to the fact that MAIN memory has increased
in speed in the 1970's to the 1990's. Early machines had efficent programs
as well. I have 600? Mhz machine so a new 2GHZ machine would be 3x faster?
No-way ... still main memory will limit the speed of this machine or the
next version of software will have 33% more bloat.
Something like Real Hi-Fi after the transistor came out. Sure we can give you 32
watt amps rather than 8 watts in a tube amp.The fine print don't tell you with
cheap speakers you have 1/2 the power and with the distortion given by
transistors you run at 1/2 the power so it sounds good... umm 8 watts again.
Well we can sell you this 64 Watt amp now ...
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