Gernsback Publishing closing

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Apr 1 16:26:00 2003

> And thusly Zane H. Healy spake:
> >
> > >P.S. The place I have found with the *most* selection of magazines is the
> > >World's Biggest Bookstore in downtown Toronto.
> >
> > If some place can beat Powells Books, then how big are they? Powells Books
> > takes up an entire city block, is multi-story for a good chunk of that
> > block. They don't even stock technical books in the main store, for that
> > you've got to go a couple blocks away and the Technical Bookstore is has
> > more books than most normal bookstores! Plus they've got so many books
> > that they had to open another LARGE store about 20 minutes away, and then
> > finally get at least one warehouse. They've been one of Amazon's major
> > suppliers from Amazon's start.
> >
> When it originally came into being, there were no other book stores (that I
> knew of) like it. Nowadays the Chapters and B&N's are about the same size.

Then the main Powells has them beat without even trying. Shoot, Powells
Technical is almost that big :^)

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