IBM 5161

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue Apr 1 17:56:07 2003

> Hi collecting folks,
> A surprise consignment arrived for me this morning - an IBM 5150 in not bad
> condition complete with keyboard/monitor and a 5161 expansion box, spare
> expansion card and 2 extender cables.....reading the classiccmp archives
> back to 1998 makes me think I should be impressed since the 5161 isn't that
> common? It all apparently works but I won't be able to set it up fully till

I am told they're fairly rare -- I've got a couple of them though.
There's info on it in the Options and Adapters TechRef volume 1

It adds 6 (8 bit ISA) slots to the machine (there are 8 slots in the
expansion unit, but one is taken up by the receiver card, and you lose a
slot in the main unit for the extender card). Not all cards can go in the
expansion unit either -- IIRC graphics cards have to go in the main
system, and you have to set the DIP switches on the extender card to
indicate how much (if any) RAM is in the expansion unit rather than the
main system. Standard I/O cards can go in the expansion unit without
problems thougk

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