H89 CP/M hard-secored boot diskette

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Tue Apr 1 18:07:50 2003

> have yet to plug it in. All of the software I do have is hard-sector
> HDOS... no CP/M whatsoever. I thought I had it, but apparently I don't,

IIRC I haev HDOS on hard-sectored disks and CP/M on soft-sectored disks...

> unless I missed a box. I have already contacted Don Maslin off list to
> request a soft-sectored Magnolia CP/M boot disk, and check my thinking
> here... it should be possible to create a bootable hard sector disk from the
> bootable soft sectored one by installing both controllers. Unless I'm
> missing something, that seems like a no-brainer. If that is in fact

Yes, that should work.

> possible, I will be happy to share the benefits of that (small) labor with
> those in need.
> One unfortunate rub since my earlier discussion in this thread with Tony...
> last night I pulled my reference machine out of storage and powered it up,
> and it almost boots. Almost. A working machine went into storage six
> months ago, but what has emerged seems to take a (hard sector) disk read
> error on every modulo-10 numbered sector starting at 40 (that's sector, not
> track), with any diskette I use. No problem with any other sectors, just

Very odd...

You might try checkking the index monostables on the hard sector
controller (they only really do anything once per track, when the index
hole between the sector holes comes round), but I can't see why it would
then work for the first 4 cylinders.

I am really digging into the depths of my memory here, but IIRC there's
some RAM on the main CPU board used as a sector buffer, and it's 2114s. I
might well be thinking of some other machine though. If there _are_ 2114s
for this, then check them. As you know by now, 2114s are know for their

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