Victor Keyboard Identification

From: Thomas Martin <>
Date: Wed Apr 2 03:31:17 2003


It's an enhanced keyboard from a Victor 9000 system.
They were built in the early 80's and were pretty good
machines. 80 track 5.25" disks held 1.6MB and ran
CP/M-86 or MS-DOS. 800x400 graphics mode, although
most were monochrome.

You can also see them labeled as Sirius machines from
time to time.


>>Hi All,
> Can anyone help me identify what machine this
>keyboard goes to:

>It's from Victor Business Products. It says Model 703
>on the bottom. It
>also has a keyboard cable with an RJ-45 plug on it.

>I just acquired it this weekend. I only have the
>keyboard not the


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