Two ESDI drives available

From: Patrick Finnegan <>
Date: Wed Apr 2 06:07:01 2003

On Tue, 1 Apr 2003, Kelly Leavitt wrote:

> Well, I've made up my mind. Actually, I found a controller for these drives
> and have installed them in a computer I use to emulate the old Tandy's I
> collect. How's that... Emulating a 20 year old computer on a 10 year old
> computer with 15 year old hard drives.
> Now, on to the next question. I need a 34 conductor flat cable with male IDC
> on one end and socket on the other. Anyone know of a good source for these?

Err, maybe old PC's? I've got some of those laying around from ST-506
interface (MFM/RLL) drive controllers, mail me off-list if interested.

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