H89 CP/M hard-secored boot diskette

From: Patrick Rigney <patrick_at_evocative.com>
Date: Wed Apr 2 14:40:27 2003

> Hi
> Old dry grease is quite common on these old drives, as
> well as slight corrosion on the guide bars. You should
> be able to relube and get it running, without changing
> the stepper settings.
> As I recall, the H89's came with one of the snail track
> type positioners. The biggest problem would be the guides.
> Dwight

Dwight, yes, the mechanism is very stiff, and I hope a little careful
lub'ing may restore its health. Now that I think about, though, I wasn't
very smart by trying as many diskettes as I did... hopefully I didn't
strain/burn/damage the stepper during my experimentation.

This drive is worm gear rather than snail track. It's one of the drives
with the gigantic door that covers almost the entire face of the drive...
Siemens FDD100-5. I think this is the drive that's original to these
beasts, so I'd like to keep it alive if I can.

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