paper tape questions

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Wed Apr 2 18:11:37 2003

> Hi--
> I was wondering, is all blank papertape media interchangeable?
> I know that it can be made of paper or mylar,
> and that it comes fanfolded and on spools,
> but are there variations that would block interoperability,
> like varying widths?

There are 3 standard widths..

11/16", used for 5 level tape, often buadot or murray coded
7/8", used for 6 level, 7 level and 6 level 'typesetter' tape
1", sued for 8 level tape.

The last one is the common one used on computers. The middle one is
particularly difficult to find.

Most punches and readers not part of teleprinters can handle all 3
widths, possibly with adjustable guides. Punching typesetter tape needs a
special punching head (the feed hole is offset in the direction of tape
movement), and sometimes a special read head too.

> In particular, I'm wondering if any one can tell me if the
> tape offered up on ebay at
> will work in my friden flex-o-writer sps...

My Flexowriter uses 1" tape, if that's any help.

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