Do you recognize these boards?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:23:01 2003

--- Patrick Rigney <> wrote:
> Does anyone recognize these three boards? I haven't had much luck with
> Google...

The first two remind me of boards I've been given out of PBXs. The
one marked '8" HDC' has connectors consistent with SMD drive cables
(60-pin, plus 2 x 26 pin), and there were plenty of them at 8 inches
and up (10" for a Fuji Eagle, IIRC; plus many at 14")

The CPU board seems to have a two serials and a wide parallel port.
That looks like "75188" below the connector marked "P3", a standard
RS-232 transciever chip. The others in that area are probably the
rest of the line drivers. The 6821 is a "PIA" chip, with two 8-bit
parallel ports and several handshaking lines. Common in 6502 and 6809
designs. We had one on our early COMBOARD (MC68000) products. Looks
like 22 DRAMs? ECC?

The name "PX62" suggests to me that they are from a PBX. Dunno what
bus that is, but the layout and the silk-screen remind me of Japanese
boards, FWIW.

No idea what the third one is.

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