H89 CP/M hard-secored boot diskette

From: Wayne M. Smith <wmsmith_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Thu Apr 3 01:42:00 2003

> Next task... get the soft-sectored controller running.
> Unfortunately I have no docs for this whatsoever, not even a
> schematic. I understand that it requires MTR-90, and
> possibly a certain HDOS software distribution as well. Does
> anyone know?
> Patrick
MTR-90 is in the ROM on the 89's CPU board. My MTR-90 manual indicates
that DIP switch SW501, located on the lower right of the CPU logic
circuit board (consisting of eight jumpers, 0-7) should be set as

Jumpers 0 and 1 (port 07CH [174Q])

00 Hard Sectored 5.25 disk
01 H/Z-47
10 H/Z-67 hard disk/floppy
11 No device

Jumpers 2 and 3 (port 078H [170Q])

00 Soft sectored 5.25 disk
01 H/Z-47
10 H/Z-67 Winchester disk/floppy
11 No device

Jumper 4

0 Primary boot from 07CH
1 Primary boot from 078H

It certainly seems as if you can run both controllers in one machine.

I have the manual for the Z-89-37 double-density disk controller, which
is the one I believe you need. I also have manuals for the H-17-1 (48
TPI) and H-17-5 (96 TPI) FDDs. They're all short so let me know what
you need. The controller manual says that you need either HDOS version
2.0 (with update HOS-5-UP) or CP/M version 2.2.03 or higher.

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