keyboard translator

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:18:00 2003

--- Gene Buckle <> wrote:
> > Sounds similar to hooking classic SPARC gear to a KVM. For _that_,
> > Sun sells one of the cheaper units (surprise, surprise), but it is,
> > IIRC, $75.
> >
> I think you can get one from Raritan cheaper than that.

We had a Raritan switch at a former employer (about 100 yards from
where I'm sitting now ;-)... a nice one - 4x32 (and they bought an
expansion box after I was gone) - about $10K with cables. At the
time (c. 1999), the Raritan converter was $150. We bought a Sun
box to stick my SPARC2 (that I later sold them) on the KVM as our
first "non-NT" host in the server room.

Perhaps Raritan has a new model or has lowered the price on their
old model, but at one time, Sun had the cheapest solution.

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