Brian Instruments BRIKON Mdl 723 Floppy Drive Tester / Analyzer

From: Steve Thatcher <>
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:46:00 2003

I am with you guys, anyone who says untested may be selling a
cabinet that has nothing inside and there is no protection against

best regards, Steve Thatcher

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>From: Ethan Dicks <>
>Date: 4/3/03 7:09:58 AM
--- Joe <> wrote:
>> >I saw a web site where these were about $900.00
>> Typical Re-seller wishfull thinking!!! These sell on
E-bay for about
>> $20.
>Typical indeed. OTOH, when researching other devices of similar
>plotters and protocol analyzers, to name some recent targets,
they are
>available from instrument companies for $1000-$2000 every day
of the
>week, and they will be *glad* to sell you one for that, but
over on eBay,
>it's more like $50-$60 every week.
>The brick-and-mortar catalog-oriented resellers are basing their
>on a stiff percentage of the new price, and living off of "gotta
>a replacement now" commercial traffic. eBay resellers are limited
>what the traffic will bear over the course of a week, regardless
>individual customer demand.
>> Note that this one has a $15 "handling fee" in addition to
>> selling price and shipping. Again typical of re-sellers. They
never miss
>> a chance to boost their profits!
>I noticed that. I tend to shy away from those guys, no matter
>the deal seems to be - if they are pulling that, how do I know
>the "untested" condition doesn't really mean "tested, guaranteed
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