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Date: Thu Apr 3 15:36:00 2003

Thanks for the tips, I also found some sample programs on the web.
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> > I picked up a Compucorp 324G Scientist calculator/micro computer at a
> > today for $8.08. Seems to work great.
> I have one too, found at a radio rally (hamfest) for about the same
> amount of money.
> As you've realised by now, it's programmable, in that it will remember a
> seqeunce of keys, and when it gets to the end, it restarts from the
> beginning. There are no labels or jumps, though. The only waty to stop a
> program is either to record a start/stop key, or for an error to occur.
> The user manual gave a number of programs that would force an error after
> a given number of iterations, thus allowing the machine to calculate
> factorials, etc.
> The 2nd function key is strange. It's pressed _after_ the other key. So
> that, for example SIN and COS are on the same key. Press that key to
> calculate one of them (I forget which), then press 2nd function to get
> the other.
> Inside there are 4 circuit boards IIRC, stuffed with 40 pin custom chips
> (and some standard RAMs and PSU parts).
> It's one of the first programmable calculators -- the 322 (same machine
> with half the memoey) predates the HP65 by a few weeks, or so I was told.
> Oh yes, it _eats_ batteries. Officially you're supposed to use 4 D-size
> NiCds. It will run of alkaline cells, but it drains them in a few minutes
> (!).
> -tony
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