breathing life into old chips

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Fri Apr 4 03:07:00 2003


this is sort of off-topic as it applies to my TV and not a computer, but I bet
some of the folks here can offer advice... :)

the microcontroller in the set seems to have developed a fault which only
appears when the set's warm. Tracking down a replacement seems to be easier
said than done as the chip was obviously discontinued a while back (and then
I'd have to worry about the on-board ROM anyway).

At the moment though there's no heatsink on the chip - if I do stick a heatsink
on it in the hope that it keeps it cool enough to operate, is it still likely
to fail at a later date anyway? Once a chip's started to exhibit heat-related
problems is that basically the end of it even if something's done about the
cooling? I figure some of you people will likely know about these things :)

(the chip in question is a ST9293J9B1/AEL for the record, but no infomation
appears to exist on the web or on ST's site for it; wish I could get pin-outs
to check that it is the chip and not surrounding circuitry that's failing)


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