semi-OT: Power Computing 100 power supply

From: Dr. Ido <>
Date: Fri Apr 4 09:49:01 2003

>I tried to test the power supply itself by plugging
>it into the wall, flipping the switch to "on", and probing the leads
>with a voltmeter. Nothing. But with this particular computer, you have
>to have that switch on AND push the soft power-on button, either on the
>front of the case or from the triangle key on the keyboard. So, is it
>possible that the PSU is not dead, but that I am not getting anything
>because the power-on signal's not being sent when it's not in the
>computer? Not, not, not, not?

Also, most switchmode power supplies will not power up without a load of
some sort. For example, to test ATX power supplies outside of a computer I
connect an old HDD as a load and short the power-on line to GND. Same
principal applies to Mac power supplies except you short the power on line
to +5V (from memory, it's been a while so check before you short anything).
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