semi-OT: Power Computing 100 power supply

From: chris <>
Date: Fri Apr 4 10:08:01 2003

>What I may do is look for an entire Power 100 machine on eBay (found
>one last week, but the seller pulled it unexpectedly before it was due
>to end). They're usually pretty cheap. If I end up going that route to
>get a PSU, I'd be happy sell you the rest of the parts for cost of
>shipping. (Probably ought to keep them for the next piece that fails in
>mine, but I don't have the space for that. Plus I will become obsessed
>with finding another PSU to make the second PC100 work, so I'll buy a
>third, etc.) Obviously if we did this, you would still need a power
>supply too, but might be a good way to share the cost of other parts.

If you get one, let me know. I probably won't want all the parts, as that
will just cause me to want to get TWO PC100's to work (much the same
reason you don't want to keep it).

However, I would want the SCSI and floppy drive ribbon cables, as even
those have been cut in mine. The SCSI cable is trivial for me to replace
(I can order one from anywhere, or even pull one from inside an old
external hard drive... ironically, I just gave away a cable that would
have worked fine since I had it sitting on a shelf unused for years), but
the floppy cable isn't as easy, and I would most likely have to buy fresh
ribbon of the right size, and swap the ends to it. Not a tough job, but
more work than simply buying the cables from your parts machine.

I may also want to buy some other parts, like the front panel switches,
since those have had their leads cut as well (although those are all
fairly easy to patch together).

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