semi-OT: Power Computing 100 power supply

From: James Rice <>
Date: Fri Apr 4 12:04:01 2003

I have a fully functioning Power 100. The power supply won't start if
the pram battery is dead. It's the standard 3.6v 950mAH lithium cell
that 75% of all Mac's use. Rat Shack has them for around $10 or Fry's
has them for $6.00. It's a Tadiran TL-5151. Some Mac's you can crowbar
into starting without the battery by rapidly pressing the power on
button several times off and on, but the Power 100 isn't one of those.

I'm working on my Mac clones this weekend, so I can check voltages and
pinouts. I adapted an ATX supply to my Daystar Genesis MP800. It has
an uptime of over 5 months as of this week. I've since picked up an
original Daystar/Magnetrol supply, but sine the 550watt ATX is still
cooking, I haven't installed it.

You are right about the lack of response on the lem PowerComputing
list. Nobody want's to talk about the NuBus machines.
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