DF32x4 questions; software needed

From: Dr. Charles E. Morris <c.morris_at_townsqr.com>
Date: Fri Apr 4 12:32:35 2003

My "DF32x4" disk emulator is alive and talking to my 8/L and appears to be
reading and writing blocks of data correctly. There are a few instructions
that I did not implement (e.g. the "Maintenance" IOT's 6631-4 which the
manual says are only used in "diagnostic programming". Also the DCEA
instruction does not clear the extended address and EA registers - it would
have taken quite a bit more logic to implement and there was no more room on
the PC board; additionally the DEAL instruction would be used anyway, which
combines the clear action with a load of these registers from the AC - so
the clear would be superfluous. The DEAL and DEAC load/read register
commands are, of course, implemented).

Ethan Dicks has pointed out that I should look at the drivers in OS8 and
TSS8 to see if this will be a compatibility problem (i.e. they may expect to
be able to clear EMA and EA for some reason, rather than loading them from
the AC). Can anyone tell me where to find the source code so I can verify

Also, I would love to have a paper tape copy of 4K Disk System Builder to
start a build of Disk Monitor from scratch (I already have a copy of a DF32
build thanks to David Gesswein). Anyone?

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