Boards with an 8X305 CPU (was Re: IBM 5161)

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Fri Apr 4 13:38:27 2003

--- John Honniball <> wrote:
> Just had a look at the images on the Binary Dinosaurs site, and I see
> that you have a blue, full-length card with an 8X305 on it. This is
> a bit-slice CPU chip, so I'm curious as to what this card is. Does
> anyone recognise it?

I don't know about _that_ card, but I have a full length card with an
8X305 chip on it, plus a 50-pin connector to, IIRC, a common-enough
system interface for pre-DOS machines, and connectors for two hard disks.

It came out of a Davong shoebox and is the (distantly related) ancestor
to things like the Adaptec and OMTI SCSI<->ST-506 boards, but for
8080 and Z-80 machines. It was sold to me at the Hamvention as a SCSI
shoebox. The seller was wrong.
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