Need IRIS Antivirus software ($$$)

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Fri Apr 4 20:20:00 2003

This is a follow-up to a message I posted on Monday.

I am looking for some early (circa 1990) antivirus software made by a
company called Iris (maybe spelled "iRiS"). This may have gone under the
names of "Virus-Free", "Antivirus" and "Antivirus Plus" (sometimes in
combination with the company name "IRIS"). The software was distributed
by Iris and the software apparently written by Computers of Israel.

The iRiS software was included in the system software that came with an
Arche computer of the same vintage (1989-1990). It is the software that I
am really after but the computer also has some use.

If you tried contacting me about this but had your message bounce it was
because I was moving my server around. Sorry. Please try again.

I have posted bounties of $200 for the computer and $100 for the software.

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