Thanks for the welcome

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sat Apr 5 16:58:34 2003

> Well, I am mainly into pdp-8 and pdp-11. Those were my first

You will find many people here who have PDPs (mostly 8's and 11's) of
various flavours...

I have an 8/e on my desk (!), an 11/45 in the next room, an 11/44 under
the desk, a couple of 11/10s (one has a VT11 kludged inside, so I guess
it's really a GT40...) a few 11/34s, etc. Oh, and some Q-bus boxes, but
those don't count :-)

> computers when in high school and college. But pdp-10s also interest
> me. Actually anything pdp related might get my interest. I have a

Looke at non-DEC minis too. I'm primarily a hardware hacker, so anything
built from rows of TTL chips (or discrete transistors) interests me.
PDP11s are nice, but HP, Data General, Philips, etc also made interesting
minis at about the same time.

Welcome aboard!

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