From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Apr 7 12:45:25 2003

--- Jay West <> wrote:
> 3 bay DEC mate with my 11/44X rack... the right hight, but the
> wrong depth.
> This rack had an RA81 in it if that's any clue...

The trick isn't the RA81... it's that your rack is probably deep enough
for an RA60. Sounds like you found the rack I was telling you about.
H9642, but extended for overly-long SDI drives. I got one a couple years
back, myself. I would have said that they were less common, but I
suppose that the one you are looking for was probably phased out when
the RL02 was no longer the dominant drive provided by DEC for small
Unibus systems.

Good luck on your hunt for the "right" one.

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