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> I don't recall ever seeing blue. *Green* was the one you saw most
> often - typically caused by the Agnes chip working its way out of
> its socket (later units had a small spring-steel keeper over the
> top of the chip). Green meant that something was wrong with accessing
> CHIP RAM (*most* often a bad/loose Agnes, but not exclusively). The
> other common color was gray/white which just meant that the lowest level
> stuff worked, but it wasn't loading/running OS code. I have seen Red
> and Yellow, but they aren't very common. Black, of course, with no
> color shifts at all, means that nothing is happening (bad PSU, bad CPU,
> bad ROM...)

I got this from every web page I found mentioning boot screen colours, for


> Is is possible that the "blue" you are seeing isn't really a true "blue"
> (as in it's a black screen with the colors/brightness turned way up; or
> more of a deep blue, almost maroon, which could be the 2.0 background
> color with no disk image/text on it?) If it's a primary, saturated,
> bright blue (bluer than the desktop of a Windoze machine), then it might
> be a signal from the ROMs that something is wrong. A darker, muddy blue
> is probably something else.

I got the feeling the signal was auto-tuned with a modern TV so the picture
would be as good as it could get; there's nothing to stop the custom chips
dying after nearly 17 years existence - these are CBM related chips we're
talking about :)


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