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From: Jacob Dahl Pind <>
Date: Mon Apr 7 23:44:20 2003


I found a SCO software diskette package box, but I`m not sure all the disks
are there.
"SCO unix system v/386 Rel: 2.0.0d volume: 1"
"SCO CGI n286 rel. 1.1.0e volume: 1-3"
"SCO Xsight rel 2.3.0j volume:1-2"
"Open Desktop rel 1.1.0 p21-p37", suspect that I lack the first 0-20 disks
for this.
"Open Desktop update F uf1-uf2"

anyone knows how many disks there is supposed to be ?

regards Jacob Dahl Pind

		CBM, Amiga,Vintage hardware collector
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