IBM 5161

From: Steve Thatcher <>
Date: Tue Apr 8 00:47:00 2003

the "blue" card sounds more like an arcnet card rather than ethernet.
Ethernet would have a BNC and a AUI 15 pin DB type connector
on the back. The arcnet card was a coaxial cable type connection.
The blue really rings a bell asn well as the processor. I did
a bit of work in the early day with arcnet before ethernet became
the standard.

best regards, Steve Thatcher

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>> Witchy wrote:
>> > A surprise consignment arrived for me this morning - an
>> 5150 in not bad
>> > condition complete with keyboard/monitor and a 5161 expansion
box, spare
>> > expansion card and 2 extender cables.....
>> Just had a look at the images on the Binary Dinosaurs site,
and I see
>> that you have a blue, full-length card with an 8X305 on it.
 This is
>> a bit-slice CPU chip, so I'm curious as to what this card
is. Does
>> anyone recognise it?
>It's a *something* Decision card, complete with a BNC port......I
>should've noted it's name as it struck me as odd, as well as
the size of the
>CPU; still, the machine is easily accessible downstairs so I
can dig it out
>tomorrow and photograph it properly. Could it have been ethernet
>There's KA9Q software on the HD in the expansion too, which
is why I think
>More info tomorrow :)
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