Interfacing HP82905A Printer to HP85

From: RHahm <>
Date: Tue Apr 8 07:11:00 2003


I am having trouble getting an HP 82905A Option 002 dot matrix printer to
work with my HP85.

This printer appears to have two interfaces on the back. One appears to be a
serial or parallel interface and the other is an HP-IB. There are no dip
switch srttings on the back for setting the HP-IB address. Under a small
cover on top I noticed a 6 position dip switch set with switches 1 and 2
"on" and 3 - 6 "off".

I tried printer is 700, printer is 703, etc.

I then set all the switches to on and then to off trying Printer is 700
without success.

Unfortunately I do not have a manual for the printer. The printer on line
light is on and I have paper in the machine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks once again,

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