The very first personal computers - How many are left?

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Date: Tue Apr 8 13:56:00 2003

I still have the Altair 8800 that my Dad bought for me when I was in high
It was not very long before we realized how "special" it's role in history
So, I suspect that the survival rate of these was relatively high.
(Most of the lost ones were probably accidentally burned up by incompetent
tinkerers :-)
Of course the number of early 8800 models produced was not that high, and a
good number
of those were upgraded with "B" front panels and power supplies.
(those original tiny switches are a real pain)


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> here are my guesses....
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> > Hi all,
> >
> > One thing I was always interested in - and the
> > visitors in my Computer
> > Museum often want to know - is how many of the very
> > first personal computers
> > are still in existence. By first PCs I mean the
> > following machines:
> > Kenbak 1
> 10-20

There were only 40 made (interestingly in Brentwood, California, just 30
minutes north of where I live in Livermore).

Here's a brief article:

I can stretch my imagination and believe that 10 may still be around, but
certainly not 20.

> > Altair 8800
> 500 (a,b,bt)

Move it over one decimal place to the left. From what I know, about
50,000 Altair's of all models were produced.

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