Complete NEC find Today

From: Keys <>
Date: Tue Apr 8 17:27:01 2003

At a local thrift I found in a brown carrying case the following items:
NEC PC8201A computer (works great)
A LAPDOS cable converter for 1986 made by Traveling Software
Two Traveling Software manuals IDEA and T-Word
A 10 foot long ribbon cable
Purple Computing model D103 external floppy drive (3.5) in it was a T-DOS
floppy from Traveling Software
TRS-80 model 100 SCRIPSIT 100 cassette and manual
TRS-80 Executive Calendar cassette and manual
All the power supplies and cables to hook everything together.

I searched with google trying to find some information on the Purple drive
with no luck anyone have doc's for it?
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