How many Mark 8s? was Re: The very first personal computers - How many are left?

From: Bryan Blackburn <>
Date: Tue Apr 8 20:43:01 2003

  Hmm... _A GOOD number?_ Anyone care to chime in with a head count? For
years now I've been asking visitors to my web site for any Mark 8
stories they may have. I've heard from a few, certainly less than
fifteen, but most no longer have one. I only have knowledge of five
originals (built in the day, as it were) and of those, only three are
operational. I know that other list members have built their own more
recently, but I have not been tracking them.

I would love hear how many list member have a Mark 8: 1) Original, built
before, say 1980, with Techniques boards 2) Original, pre 1980 +/-,
built any way at all, and 3) Recent construction, of any construction
method. Also, is your Mark 8 still operational?


P.S. Steve Gabaly's web site is (and
has a link to my web site ;-)

Joe wrote:

>Altairs and a 5100 up until last year. There are a GOOD number of people on this list that Mark-8s, Altairs, 5100 and IMSAIs. Have you checked Steve Gabaly's Altair register? He been trying to put together a list of all the existing Altairs.
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