Favorite Terminal Emulator

From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_30below.com>
Date: Tue Apr 8 23:15:00 2003

At 20:16 04/08/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>Does anyone have a favorite Windows based terminal emulator?

NetTerm. They make both a normal & ssh-based terminal emulator, and the
normal one also works thru the comport. The downside is: it takes a fair
amount of futzing to get the comport stuff working just right, but the
upside is that it's super-configurable, and has every emulation known to
man (that I've seen, anyway...)

You can also configure the keyboard seperate to the emulation (say, an ANSI
emulation with an XTERM keyboard layout), and it comes with a keyboard
config utility to fine-tune _that_ to do just ezactly what you need.

My friend uses TeraTerm -- I didn't like it as much (not powerful enough
for the different systems I use) but it's easier to set up (he's blind, and
it was a lot easier for him to navigate) WRT fonts & comport usage.

www.netterm.com -- time-unlimited shareware (one nag screen when you exit
each login window you have open) somewhere around $30 for the non-SSH
version, $60 for the SSH version. Never tried to do any comport stuff with
the SSH version, so I dunno if it'll suit your needs...

http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA002416/teraterm.html -- Freeware, (can't
argue the price!) does have VT100, but webpage last updated: Aug. 9, 1999.
Win32 software last updated: Mar 10, 1998 (1/2 way to being ontopic!!! ;-)
Good news: Source code is available, and the win3.1 version is written in

Anywho, HTH! Laterz,
Roger "Merch" Merchberger
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