HP9885 8" floppy unit

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Wed Apr 9 12:07:00 2003


   Are you still interested in connecting a HP 9885 to your HP 9000/380? I've been going through some of my old HP manuals and I've found a lot more info. You definitely need the HP 98622 GPIO interface. The standard 98622 has a 50 pin female Ampenol connector (ie "SCSI" connector) and you'll have to make you're own cable. But if you find a 98622 option 002 interface it already has a 0.8m cable and connector for the 9885 disk drive. It also has the jumpers already set for use with the 9885 drive. The 98622 jumpers should be set as follows; BSY and BSY 0; PCL, PFLG, PSTS, HSHK, DIN, DOUT, RD, RDY, RD, RDY all set to 1. I know there appear to be some duplcates in the lists above but that's the way they're shown in the 98622 manual. I have the pin outs of the 98622 but I don't have them for the 9885. At least I don't have them readily available.

  Assuming that you're running BASIC, you need to load the GPIO.BIN and HP9885.BIN files. The GPIO file provides drivers for the 98622 hardware and the HP9885 file provides the driver for the 9885 drive. I'm not sure what you need if you're running other languages.


> Yes it CAN be attached. You'd have to use the GPIO interface and probably have to write you're own drivers. The GPIO interface is the nearest thing to the original interface (HP 98034 option 85 IIRC) for the 9885. I THINK I remember that HP did make an 9885 interface for the early 9000 200 series computers but I don't remember the details. The original interface for the 9885 is a 16 bit parallel interface, it is NOT SASI or SCSI.
> Joe
>At 10:33 PM 4/2/03 +0200, you wrote:
>>Hello. Somebody knows if one HP9885 8" floppy unit can be attached to one
>>9000/380 ? The unit came with one 50-pin SCSI or SASI type connector, and
>>37-pin connector.
>>Thanks and Greetings.
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